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Alisa Apreleva (Russia/USA): author (except (4)),
producer; vocals (1-9), piano (6-8), accordion (1, 3-5),
flute & clave (6).
Andrés Marín (Costa Rica): drums (1-9), clave (6).
Anastasia Dumma (Russia): guitar (1-3, 5, 9).
Alexander Trampas (Greece): acoustic bass (1-9).
Kai Sandoval (USA): trumpet (1, 3-7).
Yuri Levinson (USA): clarinet (1, 2, 4, 9).
Raquel Kober (USA): cello (1, 4, 6, 7, 9).
Peter Breykin (USA): piano (9).
Layth Sidiq (Jordan): violin (9).
Jett Galindo (Philippines): sound engineer (1-9) &
background vocals (6).

Recorded at The Record Co.
(Boston, USA) in May 2012.

Mixed at Avatar studios
(New York, USA) in April 2013,
special thanks to Jerry Barnes.

Art: Matvey Soykin.
Design: Vladimir Zimakov.

(c) Alisa Apreleva, 2005-2014
Some rights reserved.

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It is a fairytale pop album, performed by chamber musicians. It is to make you happy. And it is ABOUT LOVE.

What are YOU happy about today? Write to me!

1.About Love 07:28
2.Lullaby 06:50
3.Stay! 03:18
4.Iovano 05:17
5.Nobody 04:31
6.Night Celeste 03:23
7.Rain 05:42
8.Vesna 04:04
9.Daleko 04:55

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